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“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at

you.” — Brigitte Bardot

A group of people were asked to write five words that would describe their wedding day. The

words: fun, romantic, chic, elegant reoccurred; stressful and exhausting were others. Planning a

wedding is quite an endeavour.


Finally the day has arrived, my goal is to make sure that I capture as many beautiful images of

unexpected moments, emotions, from you, yourloved ones and your guests so that you may be

able to enjoy them forever. I have documentedmany events and I know the importance of

remaining in the third person and not get distracted. I have advanced post-production skills, this

allows me to adjust and retouch photos in order tokeep a natural and colourful feel.

All rights and copyrights to the images taken will remain with me, however you have an

unlimited, non-commercial, licence for the use, reproduction and distribution of the images.

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