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Throb with Tristan Ginger

A few years back I was on facebook and somehow stumbled on Tristan Gingers profile. Tristan ginger is a Montreal based Model/Photographer/preformer that has a large range of talent. His facebook feed has always impressed me with such original photos and funny status updates. From Fashion to portrait to dark and funny status updates, this guy is very entertaining to have on your facebook. I'm also a big fan of his tumblr account ( ) Throughout the years we talked a few times about the possibility to eventually shooting together and at some point was close to hiring him to preform at one of the events I was organizing. Finally a few weeks back I saw that Tristan was hired to preform at a Dance Party called Throb right here in Ottawa. I immediately messaged him so we could arranged to meet and possibly shoot. He invited me to come hangout with him in his hotel room while he got ready over drinks. We had about an hour to shoot and turns out that we were both very satisfied with the results. Here are the final images!

So turns out that I ended up being invited/hired last minute to come shoot photos of the Throb event. It was a great night! Tristan and I ended up having a blast and I'm glad to have finally met and hungout. Safe to say he is one of my new buddies and will make sure to shoot again in the futur. Here a few event photos I did that night

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